About Us

We are a small group of like-minded people from different backgrounds that enjoy playing games together, whether drunk or sober, and most importantly; have some amazing banter together.

We assumed our "Exiled Gentlemen" persona in early 2018 off the back of a relatively successful guild we managed. In a bid to diversify, we have traveled across various games, with the priority being on keeping our sense of community strong. Finding ourselves ill fit for some of the existing communities we had short stints with in the past, it seemed time to create our own; to welcome the like-minded 'exiled' gentlemen and female gentlemen (yes we know the actual term is gentlewomen-men). We are now a home for the 'exiled', a space we believe is occupied by those who aren't "fluffy" enough for the 'milkdrinkers', or sweaty enough for the full professional E-Sport experience. We are the shield which guards against the 'this game is a job' mentality, and the sword which cuts through the Hello Kitty convention consort. We are the Exiled, though some would call us gentlemen.

Guild Wars 2

This is the main game we recruit most of our members from, we are currently recruiting to bolster our community as we spek. You can expect to be raiding, doing fractals, crushing noobs in PvP and in the not too distant future (Fingers crossed plz) GvG in WvW. You don't have to be super amazing at the game; so long as you are social and love the game as much as we do we will be happy to assist you in any aspect of the game you are struggling with.

Once we have some members we will be doing weekly skin giveaways after guild missions and monthly events with prizes. However, we will be trying to keep the social small community as close-knit as possible, so do not expect a large guild with no personality!

Sound like your cup of tea? Come on in and click that Join us link below!

Steam Games

We have libraries to rival Gaben himself, with thousands of titles at our fingertips we can -and often- dabble in different co-op games so long as we can get a team together. You will not find a "normie" here that plays Overwatch, Fortnite or LoL, as we tend to stay away from these games I'm afraid. We are men and women-men of culture after all. Some might say... Gentlem-
You get the idea.

We do have other launcher based titles/Origin games, such as For Honor, where we are only as dishonourable as an 'incredibilis' interrupting you with an uppercut during the climactic moment of an exciting 1 on 1 duel.


Warframe is a game some of us take more seriously than others, however, we all at least dabble. No content is too treacherous, and it isn't a rarity to have our discord channel turn into an Elite Arbitration drinking game, where people are far too busy scolding Chuckle for his incessant banishing of allies rather than the NPC operative. We eagerly look forward to seeing what our Fortuna holds, and what Judas- I mean 'space mom' has in store for us fashion framers next.

Featured Videos

Featured videos made by our smashing members!


Want to joi

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We are a discord heavy, overly chatty bunch that
spend way to much time on Discord.
Please come along!

All we ask is you are :
-Have a sense of humor
-abide by our rules (Disclosed in Discord)

The Great Exiled Gentleman's Fashion Show

    Do you have a passion for fashion? Well have I got news for you; we The Exiled Gentlemen are celebrating the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019(a year after the creation of the guild) with a fashion contest. With over 500g of prizes being given away!!!

    There will be three prizes given away during this event; 1st place 2nd place and 3rd place.
    You will be judged on originality, consistency and dye/armour and weapon combos respectfully, where the judges will then give you a score out of ten based on their thoughts on your look. The winners will be screenshotted and images uploaded to the gallery for all to see.

    There will be a catwalk as sorts in order to strut your stuff on and some other fun things in the guild hall to play about with.

    So basically this is your heads up to stick your gladrags on and get your characters looking super sexy! We hope you can make it as it will be a laugh as always.

    The actual contest will be judged by three sexy judges and point will be applied to a scorecard with the winner being the individual with the highest score. Please be aware that having all the infusions will not win you shit, as this will be judged based on style and originality, rather than the rarity of the item.

    -Only one of your many characters can enter the contest so make sure they are looking fresh.
    -You will be able to use mounts to match your outfit if appropriate, however, no points will be applied for gem expenditure.
    Must be on discord-If you have joined us 1 week prior to the event starting then I'm afraid you will not be allowed to compete in this fashion event **

    Your fashion will be judged!

    1st Place Prize

    Spark Precursor

    2nd Place Prize

    Ghostly Infusion

    3rd Place Prize

    Carcharias Precursor

    **Rules: All prior rules as per the #Rules channel in discord apply. God Speed Gentlemen/women and good luck.